~Malaga, Spain The city of art, the city of echoes and the city of yearning~

Summer 2017 – After I gave up on looking forward to the real summer vibes, seeking a drench of sunshine on my dark desperate skin after suffering a heavily cold winter in Slovakia, a man who comes from one of the most perfect climates in the world, Egypt – I was craving sunshine so bad out of Bratislava.

Fortunately I was able to align with my wife to book a common vacation days from our work, we were able to manage a trip planned to the south of Spain in seek of breaking the life routine. I was lucky to have Andrea join me for 5 days in Malaga, while it wasn’t exactly warm as we were expecting (at least my self) we found ourselves a bit shivering in the sea while swimming, we soaked up all the sun we could get.


Image by Adam Khaled | Malaga, Spain

At one bar the older men sitting next to us bought us a glass of sparkling rose wine for no apparent reason even though he didn’t speak a lick of English, and another night out, a nice guy struck up a conversation with us and then proceeded to offer us some food.


Image by Adam Khaled | Malaga, Spain

After 1 and 1/2 years in Slovakia, that sort of thing is slightly shocking to me and to Andrea as well.  No offense to my Slovak friends, but I have grown pretty used to generosity and sharing everything (which is much more common in Egypt) and cannot remember a time a random stranger bought me a drink since I moved to Slovakia or Europe in general 😀



Is that Tapas?

First Night:

Our first night in town we had short tour around the city center to discover and note the magical spots and get used to city, preparing for our PhotoTour which I was looking forward to it so bad. But we could not stay out that long  as we were dead meats from previous night traveling.


Image by Adam Khaled | Malaga, Spain

Thankfully the weather started to be clear the other day, so I had the best circumstances that any photographer could have to perform an appropriate nigh photography session on BULB Mode in the shortest time possible in order to catch up with the other activities in our list.


Image by Adam Khaled |Malaga City (View Point)

After exploring and discovering the majority of most attractive sites around this shiny little city in the first night, the next day we woke up early headed to the beach to get some ‘Vitamin Sea’ – also we have tried a very special well cooked Seafood on Spanish style. Then we went back home by sunset to get some rest and get ready for the night life.


Malaga Special Seafood

Second Night:

By 8 O’clock in the evening I pulled the trigger of my camera getting ready for a spectacular night shooting session in the city of echoes and yearning.


Image by Adam Khaled | Malaga, Spain

During the second night tour in city center we had that feeling that we came across a mixture of a European and Arabic culture combined – The Arabian “soul”.


Image by Adam Khaled |Malaga, Spain

We noticed that People who’re living in this city are extremely friendly, helpful, always smiling, singing, dancing. We saw a very Creative Artist painting in the middle of the street, paining the street itself with each beautiful artistic details in it. Seems that people in this city are simple enjoying their lives, but you never know what is behind this extreme state of joy, maybe mourning, maybe …


Image By Adam Khaled | Malaga City Center, Spain

It was an amazing feeling when we were walking through these tiny streets without knowing or expecting which another beautiful architecture piece is waiting for us.


Image by Adam Khaled | Malaga City Center, Spain

Our eyes couldn’t get enough of this artistic beauty. That second night I remember we were procrastinate the time on getting back to the hotel as we couldn’t get enough exploring and discovering each corner in this little big city.


Image by Adam Khaled |Malaga, Spain

Despite of the fact that we didn’t spend too much time in this beautiful city ‘Only 5 days’ 😦 we did enjoyed it a lot. And it will remain one our favorite tips and we will keep recommend it to our friends as it’s really worthy to visit (even if you are not a big fan of art)


Image by Adam Khaled |Malaga, Spain

Hope you enjoyed our story in the city of yearning. Stay tuned for our upcoming PhotoTours, we still have a lot Travel stories and photography experience we would like to gladly share with you.

Also we will be really keen to read about yours, so feel free to share with us your travel & photography experience posts in the comment box below or even tag me in your posts and I will gladly review and enjoy them.

Also don’t forget check out our post about our PhotoTour in Granada, Alhambra  and how we spent our 3rd and 4th day in the kingdom of European beauty ~Spain~

Thank you for reading!
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