‘Breathtaking’ Landscape spots that MUST VISIT in Europe! (A Heaven for photographers)

This is article is about the top 5 astonishing landscapes that my eyes ever seen as a photographer, if you are landscape photographer, these places below are definitely MUST VISIT.

1- East Germany, Springen

and whole Germany in general; one of the most astonishing destinations in Europe that my eyes have ever seen so far when it comes to beauty of nature ! Now I understand why Germany is Germany!


~Springen, Hessen, Germany~

2. Scotland Scenic Mountains

Whether you want to explore the majestic mountains of the north, rolling valleys, the rugged Atlantic coastlines, or romantic islands, a drive through Scotland’s landscapes offers scenery as diverse as it gets.


~Scotland Scenic Mountains~

3. Switzerland Gimmelwald

Footpaths leave directly from the house and lead over lush green meadows, carpets of flowers, cool streams always offering impressive views of the mountainous scenery.

meadow farms in swiss

~Switzerland Gimmelwald~

4. Italy, Cinque Terre 

The Italian Riviera is not short of rugged coastline or romantic towns and villages, but the five fishing communities of the Cinque Terre are its most iconic highlight. The five villages are no longer the isolated hamlets they once were, but there’s still a feeling of remote authenticity, with few roads, perfectly preserved architecture and a network of stunning coastal and mountain trails.

cinque terre, italy

~Italy, Cinque Terre~

5. Croatia, Plitvice Lakes

Considered as one of the most beautiful national parks in the world. Plitvice Lakes make wonderful blend of oak forests, meadows, rocks and lakes. You can explore them by walking along the lakes, by electric train or electric boat.


~Croatia, Plitvice Lakes~


If you have been in any of the places above, I am truly interested to hear about your experience, simply just post your blog post in the comment and I will stop by it as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading,

Adam K.



8 thoughts on “‘Breathtaking’ Landscape spots that MUST VISIT in Europe! (A Heaven for photographers)

  1. mdhoffmannphoto says:

    Thanks for this Adam. Beautiful – My favourite is your Scotland Landscape – I’d love to get there before I die (Ireland too) Also like the shot the Italy nite-dusk image! Never heard of Plitvice Lakes in Croatia -looks awesome – I can some min-waterfalls down there.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Adam Khaled says:

      Hi Hoffman, never know about plitvice before too, but I recently discover some photos for it few days ago, i found it magical!! 😍 so I booked my flight to there in the same day or discovering it, I’m heading to there this weekend to take some photos and make a short movie! Stay tuned as I will post something really SICK when I come back and I wanna show it to you, just pray for me that the plan will go well and will achieve the main purpose of this trip! 😄🙌🏻

      Liked by 1 person

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