Traveling around whole Prague city on an electric bike & GoPro cam on my head to bring you this (Honest Guide)

Prague is a destination that always seems to be in vogue. It’s been on the tourist map for a long time, and the crowds show no signs of abating.

Prague is a gorgeous, well-preserved medieval city coupled with a rich history, expansive parks, Vegas-style nightlife, and a hint of romance. The city holds a special place in a lot of people’s heart and I was so looking forward to visit this beautiful city and capture each corner in it with my camera and also film my new YouTube episode there.


~Prague – The view from Charles bridge~

The fairy tale-like charm, Baroque architecture, cheap pilsners, farmers’ markets, art galleries and so much more – what’s not to love about Prague? If you want to travel to Europe but are tight on cash, consider visiting the capital of the Czech Republic. The walkable streets, a straightforward public transit system and prevalent English speakers make navigating this city easy, especially for a first-timer. I was able to see and do so many worthwhile things.

How to wander around the whole Prague with the lowest transportation cost and with the lowest energy while at the same time visiting all the MUST VISIT remarks?

Renting an Electric Bikes is one of the most efficient ways to wander all Prague in 2-4 hours with less cost and energy. And that’s why we really got the best out of this trip.

What to see in Prague?

Our first full day in Prague was to be spent doing one thing and one thing only: seeing and doing as much as we possibly could. With a long bucket list of places to see in Prague, we decided to rent electric bikes to save the time taken in transportation and also save our energy for such a long day,  during this bike trip we visited:

1. Charles Bridge

Prague’s most iconic bridge is an essential first stop for any first timer; but the bikes were not allowed on the ridge, so we parked them down and we had a walk on Charles bridge and enjoy the amazing view up there.


City View from Charles Bridge


A walk on Charles Bridge


Another view for Charles Bridge

2. St. Vitus Cathedral

Another city icon – St Vitus Cathedral is a favorite for many visitors to Prague due to it’s unique baroque architecture. The Cathedral looks particularly lust-worthy in the evenings when it lights the sky.


St. Vitus Cathedral, front view

3. John Lennon Wall

Toward the end of Communism in the 1980s, students started writing John Lennon lyrics on this wall as a way to air their grievances. Today, the wall represents love and peace. Tourists are allowed to write or paint on it too.


John Lennon Wall

4. Walk around Petrín Park

Petrín Park is the city’s biggest and most beautiful park, with sweeping views of Prague. You’ll find a garden, a maze, and a lookout tower that looks like the Eiffel Tower. What I love about this expansive park is how easy it is to get lost among the trees. Paths meander throughout, and it’s a relaxing contrast to the crowds of the historic center. Keep in mind that this park is on a big hill and view from up there or the whole city is really amazing.


Petrín Park, view point

5. Explore the Old Town Square

The people-watching is unbeatable as tourists, families, students, and touts pass through the square. Sit on one of the benches, eat a sandwich, and enjoy! Moreover, there are a number of talented musicians, ranging from jazz musicians to Scottish bagpipe players, and everything in between, that perform in the square.


Old Town Sq.

6. Astronomical Clock

Perhaps the most conspicuous structure of the Old Town, the Astronomical Clock of the Town Hall draws crowds at the end of every single hour for a performance that is best described as insipid. The excitement leading to the display, however, is noteworthy considering the hundreds of cameras and eyes that are tenaciously focused on the gigantic clock for a 45 second drama, which I must add, is replete with deep symbolism.


Astronomical Clock in Prague

This is for you! 

This part of the post is for the people who are already booked their tickets and heading to Prague soon. Get your self some motivation and excitement about Prague and watch our YouTube episode below.

Central European gem! Prague in Czech Republic is a city I chose to film this episode.

We’ve had a great time wandering around the whole city with an electric bike and GoPro Cam, meeting nice people, trying delicious food and taking those stunning photographs above.

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 22at 2.19.52 PM

Take a look on this funny video we filmed. If you like this kind of vids; Go this link and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and stay tuned for more upcoming adventure and travel videos around Europe.

Now after Prague trip; already thinking about which city I should go next, any ideas? 🤔

Leave a comment with which country you think it should be my upcoming trip in Europe? I still didn’t go to Poland, Latvia, Italy, France and Switzerland.


Thank you,




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