Fashion Photography | My First Experience

Below is my first experience with fashion photography outdoor, relying on natural light in a cloudy day (as always) in Bratislava where sun light is so limited.

With my travel photography experience of shooting in lots of different lighting/weather conditions and also with the support of fashion model and my friend Martin Mayanja who has Ugandans roots and living in Bratislava, Slovakia. We managed to get the best out of my new Canon 6D during the ‘first use’ and also during my first experience with shooting Men Fashion Photographs

Check out the results below, valuable critiques are so welcomed.


Only for followers: If you like the photo edits above, I have used my own Lightroom presents. In case you like any of them, do not hesitate to contact me and I will be glad to pass them over to you completely FREE for a limited time.

Thank you for reading,

5 thoughts on “Fashion Photography | My First Experience

    • Adam Khaled says:

      Mr. Hoffman, good morning my friend, you just cracked me up with your comment! 😀 missing your sense of humor, how are you and your kids and grand kids, I hope all of you are well, I am so glad to hear from you! (:


  1. Kerry C. Mitchell says:

    Great shots!!! This time I know they’re yours. I love the model, especially his hair. I think your shots are very good. I would have more contrast. But I always overamp my photos. Or so my husband says. Good work.


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