Hi, my name is Adam and I am obsessed by two things in this world, Photography & Traveling and OMG when you combine both (awww yeah) I started adamsgraphy to share my life journey on this blog to allow my future grand kids when they come to this life to check this blog and see how their grand father was a BADASS, lol kidding! 😛 seriously I am here to share with you my travel and photography experience combined together and tips and hacks I have learned from over a decade of shooting.
I am from Egypt and didn’t leave the country by air until I was 26. My first destination was to Eastern Europe. Bratislava, Slovakia.

When I was 19 I had a dream to create a photography Album contains 10,000 photos from 150 different cultures around the globe.

10404327_451559921666825_739707915701371333_nI started to attain this dream when I was 24, the dream kick-off was in Egypt. I have visited almost 15 Egyptian provinces, collecting photos for people, streets, buildings, monuments and more. 2 years later I planned my first backpacking trip across Europe. In my first 1 year I visited 6 countries (12 cities) and I am still traveling and can’t get enough of shooting with my camera the world and experiencing new cultures to attain my main dream (1000 photo album).


I have been born on the Fourth of July 1988, studied Business Administration in Egypt, and currently I am a freelance photographer and digital artist, photography post production trainer & Travel Blogger. All beside his main Job in Amazon Europe. I have developed my passion and knowledge of photography across Cairo Egypt (historical places, cities, street, cinema scopes, etc.) then I founded a small company called AdamscreationS in 2008 performing Photographic Services, Digital Art & Graphic Design. I hope you find the blog useful and meeting your expectations.

Thank you, cropped-my-new-signature2015-black.png